Your Questions Answered … Sort Of.

Ok you don’t even want to know how long I’ve spent editing and picking apart this video. Seriously we talked so. much. I had to cut out a lot of our ridiculous banter. We like to talk, apparently. Also we filmed this video TWICE and you guys demanded the first video, so here it is. In all of it’s glory. It’s 8 minutes long, yo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



  1. Robyn says

    You guys are adorable together and you can definitely see the love between you! And your hair is SO CUTE!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Robyn!! I’m still getting used to the hair. I feel like somedays I look like Matilda and other days I look like … like I need a haircut. Haha.

  2. Tari says

    I. Peed. Myself. Ok, maybe not literally but I seriously cracked up laughing at quite a few of your responses :) My husband and I would either really hit it off with you guys, or we wouldn’t be able to stand you because of how similar we are hahaha :) Plus, what is it about our husbands knowing how hot they are? All. The. Darn. Time! Loved this, Kristen, I watched it just after reading your “Are You Lonely, Mama” (& totally relating of course) and it made me so thankful that I am married to my best friend. Even if I don’t get invited to all my working class, happy-to-palm-off-their-kids-to-babysitters type Mummy friends get togethers, I have an absolute BESTIE4LYF in my husband and I really am so so blessed :D

    • says

      *passes you a clean pair of pants.

      I’m SO thankful I married my best friend, too. He rocks. I don’t get invited to anything. Ever. But maybe that’s cause I don’t really know a lot of people? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. Let’s be friends, Tari. Even if we hate each other. We’ll get over it, right?

      • Tari says

        So keen for that :) I just started following your IG and yeah, pretty confident it would be the hitting it right off kind of friendship, haha! Thanks for the clean pants, too… We just moved to this new town a year and a half ago and it is SO different. People here don’t like people, or at least they don’t have time to properly dig in and get to know each other… And it seems like Dean and my priorities are different from EVERYONE’S! We would love all the latest toys, sure, but we ain’t working two jobs and putting our kids in daycare to get them! My best friends are in the town we used to live in, and boy do I miss them. They were and are the REAL DEAL :) Anyway, enough raving, time to be a mum, it’s 9:41am here and we’re still in jimjams :) xx

  3. Myranda says

    This was great! My husband always gets hit on too and brings me home funny stories. What a fun video :) p.s. I think you’re funny too…

    • says

      The fact that married men get hit on significantly more than married women tells me that women are just really scummy. Hahaha. LOOK AT THE RING. Do you think it’s just decoration??

  4. Sarah B says


    First concert I went to, drummer put one of his drums into the audience for them to hold, then stepped onto and crowd-surfed for a bit.

    Second concert I went to, lead singer put out an inflatable mattress into the crowd, took a running jump and landed on it just at the perfect point in the song and all these lights turned on around the sides of the mattress. He then crowd surfed and sang the rest of the song on it.


    Also, King’s Kaleidiscope is one of Mars Hills bands…so cool to hear they’re reaching people on the east coast!

  5. says

    You guys are so cute! I started watching this like three weeks ago and finally remembered I hadn’t finished it… man. I love seeing you two interact! It’s great.
    Oh, Dave Ramsey, man. I love budgeting, my husband is the free spirit. But the thing is, I’m really good at creating a budget, and really bad at following it because my husband is like “well, we have the money, so let’s get this/let’s go to Target!” and I’m bad at telling him it needs to be budgeted. I should probably work on that.
    And you are hilarious, Kristen! “You think you’re better than me, reading your Bible?!” LOL!
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