I’m Boycotting Stress for Christmas.

This Christmas season, I’ve decided to be totally anti-stress. 80% of my life is filled with some kind of stress or strain and I’m over it. So. Totally. Over. IT.

Last year around Christmas time, Zach and I decided that in our family, we’d only exchange a few gifts at Christmas. Not because of materialism or capitalism or anything noble like that, but just cause…well. Just cause. We don’t enjoy shopping. We don’t enjoy wrapping gifts. We don’t enjoy cleaning up wrapping paper. We don’t enjoy spending huge chunks of money at one time. I know it’s supposed to be all about the kids, but … why? We want the season to be enjoyable for the whole family. Parents included. I’m sure things will change as our kids get older, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the low key Christmas life.

Granted, our low key Christmas THIS year is because we flat broke, ya’ll. Ha. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get Jonah anything at all and then I remembered we still had a $40 gift card left over from a tire rebate that Zach’s mom gave us last year. And THEN I realized you can spend Sears gift cards at Kmart. And THEN I found Jonah’s dream Buzz Lightyear for $1 less than we had in the card. That was a good night. I was pretty pleased with myself. He doesn’t need anything else. He might pee himself from excitement. He’ll probably just pee himself anyway, but I’ll pretend it’s cause of our awesome gift.

I’ve also been putting my sewing machine to the test. I’ve only been sewing for a few months, but I think my skills have improved a LOT since that first stitch. I made Jonah a super hero cape and I’m working on a backpack for him and that’ll be about it from us. (Thank you Joanns & your amazing Black Friday sales!!) I know he’ll love it and he’s gonna be so obsessed with Buzz (and the Woody doll that my amazing friend Erin sent him!)

In keeping with our low key Holiday, I fully intend to stay in my sweat pants all day, eat as many sweets as I deem fit, and watch as many cheesy Lifetime movies as my husband allows. I’m going to turn off the computer and just be with my family and eat and enjoy the day.

At least, that’s what I’ve convinced myself is going to happen… I don’t know. I’ll try. So what about you? Do you go all out crazy for Christmas and buy tons of gifts or do you keep things semi low key?


  1. Melissa says:

    I was at goodwill one day and I found a woody, Jessie, slinky, and buzz for *drum roll please* 1.99 each!!!! My daughter almost died with excitement when she came home to them. I agree on the low key Christmas! Ours is more homemade, youngest I made a lounge chair and the older one got a play fort. I’m a lil jelly you get to stay in sweatpants ;) happy holidays momma from my family to yours!!

    • WHAT!? Ok you scored big time. I really need to hit up some thrift stores. Good for you!! You should totally stay in sweatpants. Or yoga pants. I won’t judge. :)

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Lol he might pee himself anyway. Adam and I decided the same thing. We don’t even have a tree. Christmas is about so much more than that. Really all I want is good food and my two sweeties.

  3. Kristina says:

    I’m sooo jealous! I wish we could even have a stress free, nondemanding week! As usual my mother has gone over board and we’ve gotten into some heated discussion over my daughters birthday being in February to stop going crazy! Santa is coming to 3 different house for my daughter! It’s ridiculous at this point. Starting Sunday I will have nothing but dinners, open house and present exchanges to attend to. I know it’s Because my extended family is so large and I’m greatful we have a huge sense to connect all year around but with another baby on the way and all the buzz from my close friends’ families about when is our, the not for very long 3 of us, family going to spend Christmas with all this other stuff to do I become more jealous and wishing we’d just skip and like you stay in our pjs ALL DAY! Merry Christmas everyone :)

  4. Danielle D says:

    My New Year resolution is to stress less; so this is amazing for me to read!! :)

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