How to Cloth Diaper on a Budget – Day 1

I’m SO excited to kick this week off! I’ve got some pretty fantastic information, tips, advice, and GIVEAWAYS for all of you cloth curious out there. If you’re interested/intrigued by cloth diapering, but aren’t exactly willing to take the risk and jump in with both feet, fear not. This week I’m going to teach you the bare minimum, the basics, the cheap way to diaper your babies. Sometimes, it’s just necessary to find whatever you can to diaper your kid.

Zach got laid off 6 weeks ago. It has been a very frustrating and difficult time for us. I was grocery shopping one day and getting pretty emotional over the fact that I had to decide whether to buy apples or bananas. I was so MAD that I couldn’t get both. As I was paying for those groceries with the precious cash I had on hand, my emotions went from being unreasonably angry to extremely grateful. I was overcome with gratitude that I didn’t have to decide between food and diapers. We’re good. We’ve got diapers. Until Emery is potty trained, we’ve got it covered. But it got me thinking, “If we didn’t have cloth diapers, and didn’t have a ton of money to buy all the cute, fancy shmancy brands, what we would do? How would we diaper this kid?” What do you do when your dealing with a sudden loss of income and you need to diaper your kids? NO ONE should have to choose between diapers and food, but people do. Every day.

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SO. This week I am going to show you some pretty awesome ways of cloth diapering on a budget. Cause seriously, there are some expensive diapers out there, and there are so many options. All-in-ones, all-in-twos, hybrids, fitteds, pockets, covers, flats, prefolds, aplix, snaps, fleece, wool. It can be really overwhelming. Seriously, the only way I’ve figured stuff out is because I joined a cloth diapering support group. Although I won’t tell you which one, cause I kind of like I’m sort of anonymous there. :)

Consider this your intro to cloth diapering. Let’s take the intimidation factor out of it and break it down. Here’s the information (From All About Cloth Diapers) that initially turned me on to cloth diapering. It had nothing to do with cute patterns or being trendy. 100% all about the money.


Even the CHEAPEST diaper you can buy is TWICE as expensive as cloth diapering. And that’s assuming you’re going to be buying mid range or high end diapers. Would you believe me if I told you that you can cloth diaper a child from birth to potty training for around $100? Well you can. You can even do it for free, if you really wanted to. But we’ll get to that another day. Besides the benefits financially to cloth diapering, there’s also the environmental aspect of it all.


That is a LOT of diapers. And they just sit there. Refusing to decompose. They will never fully decompose. That’s disgusting, yo. I mean. Think about it. Unless your mom used cloth diapers, YOUR diapers, from when YOU were an infant are STILL sitting in a landfill somewhere. YUCK.

Now, I’m not knocking disposables. Jonah is still wearing disposables at nap time and night time and “I don’t FEEL like being potty trained today” time. Cause that’s definitely a thing. That boy has worn disposables almost exclusively. But choosing cloth for Emery was as easy as choosing to breastfeed. It was simply what we were going to do. We never even debated it. As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we agreed on cloth. And I’m so glad cause honestly, I have no idea how we would buy diapers if we weren’t using cloth. Now my goal is to get YOU to decide to cloth diaper. Or at least, to help you get past the confusing and overwhelming stage.

It’s possible to cloth on a budget. It’s possible to do it simply. It’s possible to do it easily. I’m going to show you how. AND there MIGHT be a few giveaways this week. A few spectacular giveaways. Just sayin.


  1. Kishah says

    New to your blog! Found you on instagram! I am 20 weeks pregnant and have chosen to do cloth diapers. My mom used it with my siblings and me and I cannot see myself not doing it with my babies (this is my first.) Excited to follow your series this week!!!

    • says

      Yay for babies!! Congratulations! I’m so glad you found your way here. Welcome! I think you’ll really enjoy this week. AND the first giveaway launches tomorrow!! :)

  2. shelley says

    Thanks Kristen! Looking forward to learning the specific how-tos. We are 22 weeks pregnant with our first – a little boy – and we love saving money!

    • says

      Yay!! SO happy for you!! And you’ve found the right blog. I love saving money too! It’s kinda my thing. :)

  3. Jennifer H says

    Great series! A couple of things to consider regarding cost: Laundering (detergent, laundry boosters, hot water, electricity for washing and drying) and resale (buying gently used diapers and selling them when you’re done).

    Also, you should do a post on flat diapers — after using everything from AIOs to prefolds, my favorite diapers are flats. They’re trim, easy to use, easy to wash and dry, and super cheap. If you’ve used prefolds, you can easily handle flats. Try them, you might love them. (If you don’t want to buy any “flats” per se, you can use receiving blankets or flour sack towels.)

    • says

      Yea, I haven’t really touched on the laundry costs yet. I should do a post on that. I’m totally new to all of this, so I want to stick to writing about what I know. I really want to try flats! I think I’m gonna pick up some flour sack towels this week and give them a shot! Thanks for your feedback. I definitely plan on adding to this series as I go!

  4. says

    It would be super helpful if you had the links for the rest of the week following this post, included at the bottom of this post as opposed to having to search to find them or read them out of order. Thanks!
    Kelly recently posted…What I Learned in MarchMy Profile

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